Posted on 5/19/2014

Do More Than Just Sit on the Balcony '¦


Accommodation is one of the biggest fixed costs for vacationers. And, in some instances, paying the high rates of some resorts can leave the vacation purse a little cash strapped. One way to reduce the cost of lodging accommodations is to opt for fewer amenities. Instead of bowling alleys, on-site restaurants and spa facilities, a clean and safe hotel will be the better option and, you could afford to do more than just sit on the balcony to have fun.

Besides, not everyone plans to make a vacation out of their room stay. Lets be honest, if all you can do on vacation is stay at the resort, its not much of a vacation. On the other hand, a cheaper, but well-kempt hotel room will be just what the vacation doctor ordered.

Believe it or not, there are oceanfront hotels that offer affordable accommodations. Grant it, they dont have all the bell and whistles of an oceanfront resort, but the cost savings leaves plenty in the pocket to take in the sights and enjoy the areas attractions.

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